Extraordinary transactions and corporate reorganizations

The Firm is able to support Clients from the very planning stages and initial setting of any extraordinary operation of the Company up to the closing of extraordinary operations, providing all necessary assistance in preliminary negotiations, study of tax and corporate aspects and implementation.

The above mentioned operations being

  • acquisitions / sales of investments, companies and business units;
  • mergers, spin-offs, transfers, transformations, lease of business and business divisions and liquidations.

The assistance to the planning phase of both financial and corporate structure may also concern the reorganization plans of groups of companies aiming at at the pursuit of business goals and can be extended to the management of all tax and corporate obligations connected to the different steps of the extraordinary transaction

Besides, the Company also provides assistance in the stages preceding the conclusion of an agreement even through activities of two tax due diligence, accounting, legal and employment law as well as assessments of the company to establish the convenience and define the potential transaction prices.

The Firm is able to provide expert advice for businesses in crisis, dealing in particular with capital and financial crisis management with loss coverage or liquidations, even out of court, by means of the negotiation between the parties involved (creditor banks, suppliers and customers), of the restructuring and corporate reorganization aimed at the rescue and recovery of the industrial enterprise in crisis, of the consultancy and assistance in the selection of the most appropriate of any insolvency procedure whilst managing the company’s crisis and of the support to the entrepreneur throughout the bankruptcy process.