Tax advice and corporate

The Firm provides professional consultancy in corporate law, especially in setting up, modification and dissolution of corporations and partnerships, in the definition of relations between the members, proceeding also to the preparation and evaluation of shareholders’ agreements.

The activity of the Firm in the taxation sphere concerns the taxation of both Italian and Italian subsidiaries of foreign companies, granting bespoke tax assistance and support in the ordinary business management activities and in their organizational and strategic decisions.

Is part of this the on-going consultancy falls the advice of an on-going nature concerning direct and indirect taxes, assisting clients dealing with Financial Authorities, even in the drafting of instances, answering to questionnaires, tax ruling, the assessment with procedures and support during tax audits.

The Firm also provides assistance in the litigation/contentious procedures with the Financial Authorities.

The consulting activities in the field of international taxation operates with a focus on complex issues such as the application of international agreements preventing double taxation, the permanent establishments (branch transfer pricing and treatment) and the subsidiaries of foreign entities.

The Firm’s professional Team accompanies Clients through the boundaries of states on law matters and international taxation in partnerships with prestigious foreign professional firms.